Our Skin Care is Win Care

How many times have you purchased an expensive line of skin care only to have it sit in your drawer barely touched? Maybe it reacted negatively with your skin. Maybe it didn’t work as advertised. The store won’t take it back, but you just can’t bring yourself to toss it because, well, it feels like you’re just throwing away good money.

Available exclusively at our clinic, Colorado Laser Lab (CLL) skin care products are formulated with medical-grade potency for faster, long-lasting results – at a lower price than most fancy department store lines.

The latest beauty-buzz words change daily – we are not influenced by those trendy ingredients. We focus on quality instead – our products are therapeutic and created with the highest pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. We provide samples for most of our products and education around all of our products. Combine all that with our free skin consultations, and you are suddenly armed with all the information — which empowers you with the very best, consistent results for healthy, beautiful skin.

Not only are our products safe, they are system-based and results-driven. It’s literally chemistry, and nothing is put in a product that doesn’t deliver a positive result for your skin. In other words, sometimes you’re paying for ingredients that aren’t even working properly. Are products are developed, manufactured, packaged, and distributed under strict quality control monitoring – locally. These high-end products are an excellent value and priced lower than the typical medical-grade brands. Along with our own line, we offer Alastin products. As always, gift certificates are available, and they never expire. Schedule your free skin consultation online now!

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